Jesse T. Gonzalez


Effortless Brain-Training for iPhone and Android

Tapslide is a mobile brain-trainer you can learn in less than 30 seconds.

  • Intuitive. The gameplay mechanics are natural and easy to understand. The puzzles makes sense instinctively.
  • Challenging. Players can immediately grasp the task, but succeeding at the game requires skill and practice.
  • Engrossing. After a loss, players can return to the game in a near instant. The short gameplay sessions encourage users to try "just one more time".

Built for iOS and Android devices.

LED Sensing Matrix

Interactive Display that Responds to Light and Shadow

Light emitting diodes are supposed to do just that -- emit light. But what happens when we apply some clever circuitry, and configure them to detect light instead?

The result is the LED Sensing Matrix. Pass your hand over it and watch the display light up underneath. Play a game of Pong using lights and shadows. Reprogram it for your own purposes. Lots of possibilities!

Check out the Arduino-powered prototype here.

LED Sensing Matrix

Talking Androids

The Infrared Adventures of Simon and Sam

Two Android bots "talk" to each other by sending and receiving pusles of infrared light.

Move the arms of one bot, and the other will copy the actions.

Read more about the project here.

The Sun Goes to Space

A Physics-fueled Puzzle Adventure

The solar system has been kidnapped!

Players control the Sun on its journey throughout the galaxy, slingshotting around stars and dodging danger at every turn. Gravity is your friend in this game, and the best players will use it to their advantage.

This game has made its way around the web with nearly 1,000,000 plays to date!

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